Ombudswoman Tena Šimonović Einwalter and her advisors met on 1 June 2022 with the Dortmund Technical University’s Erich Brost Institute for International Journalism students and the Institute’s Director Susanne Felger and lecturer Isabelle Kurkowski.

The students visited Zagreb as part of the program on migration reporting conducted jointly by the Erich Brost Institute and the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Political Sciences.

Ombudswoman Šimonović Einwalter acquainted the students with our institution’s’ work in the areas of human rights protection, equality and the rule of law, providing a detailed overview of all of our five mandates – that of the ombudsman institution, a national institution for the promotion and protection of human rights, the national equality body, the National Preventive Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or punishment as well as the designated external channel for the reporting of irregularities (whistleblower protection), with the emphasis on reporting on migrations – the topic high on the agenda throughout Europe in the recent years.

The Erich Brost Institute cooperates with the Polish, Estonian and Tunisian ombudsman institutions. As part of its publishing program, it publishes handbooks on various topics, such as the Handbook for journalism educators for Reporting on migrants and refugees  published as part of UNESCO’s journalist education project and intended primarily for the use by journalism educators, as well as the media and other stakeholders working in the area of migration.