At the General Assembly Meeting held in Brussels on 30 November 2017, ENNHRI members stressed, in a new statement, the role of NHRIs as human rights defenders to promote and protect a sustainable human rights environment in Europe.

The statementPromoting and Protecting a Sustainable Human Rights Environment in Europe by Strengthening the Democratic Space and the Rule of Law“, highlights the need for the establishment and support of strong and independent NHRIs in the current climate of shrinking democratic space in Europe, marked by growing inequalities, discrimination and mistrust in institutions, mechanisms and actions to protect and promote human rights.

ENNHRI calls upon all European states to establish independent NHRIs and, where NHRIs already function, to duly follow-up their recommendations on how to enhance the promotion and protection of human rights in their countries.

The Statement was made at the General Assembly, which also adopted ENNHRI’s new Strategic Plan for the period 2018-2021, whose main objectives include the support for the establishment and accreditation of NHRIs across Europe, as well as for those NHRIs under threat, to allow for a more effective promotion and protection of Human Rights by NHRIs in Europe. Moreover, ENNHRI will continue its development, by strengthening its governance and management and enhancing the engagement with its international partners, donors and other stakeholders.

The participants of the General Assembly also welcomed the newest ENNHRI member, the Public Defender of Rights from the Czech Republic’s.