Deputy Ombudswoman Lidija Lukina Kezić participated at the conference on the role of National Human Rights Institutions in implementation of the Sustainable Development goals, held on 26-27 June in Sharm – El – Sheik, organised by the Arab Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ANNHRI) and the Committee for Human Rights of the Egyptian parliament.

Apart from presenting the Office of the Ombudswoman as a GANHRI Bureau member, Deputy Ombudswoman Lukina Kezić chaired the panel o strengthening the cooperation with the civil organisation’s sector in implementation of the SDGs from the Agenda 2030, whereby highlighted the Office cooperation with CSOs through the Council and the Focal points Network for anti-discrimination.

Declaration on the role of NHRI in SDGs implementation, adopted in 2015 (Merida Declaration), oblige NHRIs to uphold the integrated implementation of the Agenda 2030, calling NHRIs to monitor progress at local, national, regional and international level; to support the adoption of the national indicators and collection of the data as well as to promote transparent inclusive process and public counselling when drafting strategies for sustainable development, including civil societies and vulnerable groups.

Croatia is supposed to submit in July at the ECOSOC summit in New York its voluntary review on the progress obtained in implementation of the SDGs.